The “Floating PV” solar farm is situated on the De Schans sand quarry of Sibelco, located on the border of the Antwerp municipalities Mol and Dessel. The solar panels are mounted on an anchored structure that floats on the water of the quarry.

The project covers 7 hectares and has a capacity of 7 MWp. Annually, the park will produce approximately 6,500 MWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of 2,000 families. Sibelco consumes the maximum amount of electricity from the floating solar farm, the surplus goes to the public electricity grid. Floating PV is the first floating solar farm in Flanders and is also the largest floating solar farm in Belgium.

Floating solar panel parks are on the rise, especially in regions where open land space is scarce.


Floating PV integrates various innovative techniques. For example, part of the installation will be equipped with active cooling, which should result in a higher efficiency. On another part, bifacial panels are placed. Finally, most of the installation is carried out in a double orientation. This equalises the peak production of the PV installation and enables Sibelco’s factory to consume a larger part of the green electricity on site.



De Zate 1 – 2480 Dessel

Ibn Delaet

Communication Manager Sibelco
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Luc Driesen

Senior Project Manager Climate LRM
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